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Modification of German License Conditions on 160m

Sept. 5th, 2019 – Already after informal talks in November 2017 with MOD representatives during a WP5 meeting at ITU Geneva it was agreed that contest activities will be tolerated in the secondary part of the 160m band (1850−2000 kHz) during weekends. The maximum power allowed got increased from 75 W PEP to 100 W PEP in the segment 1850 – 1890 kHz. These modifications were temporary until the end of June 2019. (Contests were not allowed in the band 10.1−10.15 MHz and 1850 – 2000 kHz). 

In later official talks with MOD we expressed our wish to get the maximum power level allowed identical with those on other HF bands. This is in DL a power of 750 W for class A and 100 W for class E licensees.

Due to the wishes of radio clubs, who also want to use the 160m band again on the upcoming SSB field day, this was addressed during a break in the last meeting on August 20th 2019 of the German WRC-19 preparatory group in Berlin. 

On a short term the MOD decided to continue the toleration of contest activities during weekends on 160m band and, maybe even more important, agreed to the desired increase in the permitted power levels. The contest issue will be further discussed to get a complete remove.

On Sept. 4th 2019 our administration (BNetzA) published in its bi-weekly official bulletin the new conditions for 160m: 

Contests are tolerated during weekends, max. power 750 W, respectively 100 W in 1850 – 2000 kHz. These power levels are identical with those in the primary frequency segment 1810 – 1850 kHz. [1]

It has been helpful in the discussion about power level to show a listing of the observed usage by other services during the past 10 years. DK2OM, DARC and IARU Region 1 Intruder Watch, has prepared this list. 

It could be been shown that all reasons in the 1950’s for the power limitation to 10 watts average power in the ITU footnote 5.96 are omitted. The frequency 1897.5 kHz has been used for some years by a German NAVY coastal station (20 kW), but hasn’t been heard for some month now. 

73 Ulrich (Ulli), DK4VW / DARC Frequency Manager

[1] a) During all weekends class A licensee may use up to 750 w PEP output, those with class E up to 100 W in 1850 – 2000 kHz.
b) The contests are allowed at all weekends in 1850 – 2000 kHz.
It is expected that in a next step the regulation above will be for all days.

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