Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (GAREC) Conference 2010

This is the first announcement of the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference (GAREC) which will return to IARU Region 2 and be held on CURAÇAO, Netherlands Antilles on October 11 – 12 2010. The Theme of the Conference will be: “Learning through practicing” and the event is being organized in cooperation with DARES and VERONA. 

More details will be announced as they become available on the GAREC web site ( Archived site ) where you will also find the presentations, statements and pictures from the previous events.

The GAREC-process 

THE MISSION: To get Amateur Radio operators to be better prepared for emergency communications and create practices for national and international levels. GAREC is for exchanging information and experiences between all Amateur Radio operators and groups that are interested in Emergency Communications.

THE VISION: To have regular world wide co-operation and understanding between Authorities and the Amateur Radio Service in the field of Emergency Communications

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