URE Youth Activities presented through different articles

In the last few years, UNION DE RADIOAFICIONADOS ESPANOLES (URE) promoted several editions of the activity named Radio Day in the Schools (May/June) where the students are allowed to operate an amateur station in their school under supervision of a licensed EA operator.The URE Sections promotes amateur activities in summer youth camps and organize sometimes demonstrations for students.

Listed below are links of youth related material and articles published by URE:

  1. Amateur Radio borchure targeting kids.
  2. Radio Show in College “Riu d’Or” Santpedor. Witten by Joan, EB3DSD — URE Magazine October 2010 issue.
  3. AN7SJB in GIBRALTAR’s Camp. Written by EA7SB — URE Magazine December 2009 issue.
  4. AN2ETI from Integrated Polytechnic Center TSI of Tudela showing EA2BD given a demonstration on Amateur Radio. URE Magazine November 2009 issue.
  5. 2008 European Radio School Day. URE Magazine July 2008 issue.
  6. Radioventura” Camp. Written by Nino, EA7KA — URE Magazine November 2007 issue.
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