Youngsters On The Air Belgium-The Netherlands

Youngsters On The Air which was held in Eeklo, Belgium, from 19 till 26 August was a great success. Teams from 9 different European countries participated during the week in different activities like, ARDF, contesting, presentations about youth and radio amateurism, visit to PI4TUE university of technology Eindhoven, arduino workshops, visit to OT5A Fort lier and much more. On Friday evening the youngsters gave a presentation to the world about the event. The youngsters, most of them are radio amateurs, became friends and are planning new meetings and skeds on HF


Radio station at the location, callsign ON4YOTA.




Intercultural evening. All countries brought food and drinks from their home country with them.


Team building games.


80m ARDF at Fort Lier OT5A.

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