New VHF Newsletter 78

In Ireland additional spectrum covering all modes including MGM has been allocated to the amateur service on a national secondary basis at 30 to 49 MHz and 54 to 69.9 MHz by ComReg, the Irish Regulator. In addition the current 4 metre 70 MHz band in Ireland has been extended. The band limits are now 69.9 MHz to 70.5 MHz, which means the current IARU Region 1 band plan can be fully implemented.

The grant of additional low VHF spectrum comes as a result of IRTS input to recent consultation processes. The new frequency bands are listed among the bands available generally to radio amateurs in Annex 1 of a recently revised version of the Irish Amateur Station Licence Guidelines document ComReg 0945 R4 which is available on the ComReg​.ie website.

In May 2018 IRTS initiated a public consultation process in respect of how spectrum in the range 30 – 69.9 MHz newly allocated to the amateur service on a national secondary basis in Ireland should be utilised. Comments were gratefully received from LY2YR, G3XBM, KU3M, EI8EJB, EI7GL and EI8JA and many of the issues raised have been incorporated into a revision of the band plans.

The IRTS “new spectrum sub-committee” now believes that another opportunity for interested parties to be able to comment on how this spectrum should be used in Ireland would be beneficial. Previously draft band plans have been provided to IARU VHF/spectrum managers in countries having frequency allocations or assignments to the Amateur Service in the range 30 — 49 MHz and 54 – 69.9 MHz, as well as to the Chairman of the IARU Region 1 VHF and Microwave Committee. These initial band plans have now been revised.

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