IARU Region 1 Virtual General Conference – 4th Day

Day four of the Virtual General Conference opened with the final meeting of Committee C4 (HF).

Most of the meetings involved papers relating to band planning issues on the HF bands. Appointments were also considered and agreed for forwarding to the Final Plenary meeting on Friday. 

Committee C3 (Administrative and Organisational) then resumed its work and received reports from the Working Groups and coordinators around IARU Region 1 about the work in their specialist fields. We had also reports from the other Regions (2 North & South America, 3 Eastern Asia & Oceania) by Ramon XE1KK and Ken JA1CJP and from the AC (Administrative Council) by Dave K1ZZ. As part of this, a number of appointments were agreed for recommendation to the final plenary. Finally, further consideration was given to proposed constitutional changes relating to the ability to hold a Virtual General Conference in the future.

Finally, Committee C2 (Credentials and Finance) reviewed the financial position in the Region. Budget requests for funding for special projects were considered and the overall interim budget through to end-2021 was reviewed and agreed. The full three-year budget will be agreed at the in-person workshop and conference in 2021, when it will be able to reflect decisions made in the workshop about strategic priorities. 

One more meeting of Committee C3 is scheduled for Thursday morning, after which documentation will be prepared for the Final Plenary to be held Friday. The next news release will be after the end of the final plenary on Friday evening

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