YOTA online – livestreams of session #1

YOTA Online

Are you ready for today’s first YOTA online session? Did you already set your alarms to 28.05.2020 — 1800 UTC

Here are the links to our livestreams:
Youtube — https://​youtu​.be/​6​x​K​n​d​2​U​N​9z0
Twitch — https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​h​a​m​y​ota
Facebook — https://​www​.facebook​.com/​h​a​m​y​o​t​a​/​l​i​ve/
Instagram — Check the livestream within our story 

If you have questions while the event takes place don’t hesitate to ask them. Please keep in mind that we will be monitoring only the chats on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch while we are streaming live. All other comments will be answered afterwards for sure.

We hope to welcome you later tonight on the show!

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