2023 HAMChallenge — Technical error with submissions

Have you already submitted your idea for HAMChallenge 2023? Did you receive a confirmation email? If not, reach out to us again via hamchallenge@​iaru-​r1.​org
Due to a technical error, we have not received all submissions. The technical issues has been resolved by now.

Deadline to submit is coming closer! Deadline: 1 July 2023

We are looking for your ideas! We are inviting you to take part in one of the HAMChallenges:

Amateur Radio is about fun, radio communications, technology, experimentation, self-training, and friendship.

Do you have a mind-blowing idea you would like to share with the community?

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 is inviting you to come with a game-changing idea, which increases awareness of amateur radio. We are looking for your cool idea or project which you think is part of the future of amateur radio.

Make a team, share your idea, present your proposal, and bring this to reality. This is the time present the amateur radio with a different perspective, and we are looking for you!

The best proposals will be rewarded, don’t miss this opportunity!

The challenges

Challenge #1
Oriented to young persons and/or participants without amateur radio license
What is amateur radio? Many people haven’t even heard about it. This should change! Amateur radio is about radio communications, technology and experimentation, but also about friendship, self-training and fun.
Be creative, why would like to learn more about HAM radio? What makes you curious?
Share and explain amateur radio in a fun way, in which you believe it will be attracted and known by more people.
Hint: ideas to share on social media and reaching a huge audience. Make use of reels, pictures, etc.. No limits on creativity!

Challenge #2
Oriented to licensed amateur radio operators
Use your imagination, what will amateur radio look like in 10 years? Yes, we are talking about the future. Amateur radio is changing, in the past we never heard about satellites, digimodes or SDR: And these are just a few examples. We ask you to share a cool idea or project which you believe will be changing amateur radio but is also fun to share. This could be in the direction of a technology project, experimentation or digital development.

Don’t be limited ! We ask you to share your ideas which are contributing to the amateur radio community.

HAMChallenge 2023 Rules – deadline to submit your ideas is 1st of July 2023

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