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The final CEPT Conference Preparatory Group (CPG) prior to WRC 19 takes place from 26 August. There are several issues of particular interest to the amateur service to be discussed: 

  • 50 MHz: IARU hopes that the European Common Proposal for WRC-19 will be supported by member states, with as many as possible signing the optional footnote to allow primary access on a national basis over part of the band being proposed for amateur use. 
  • 144 – 146 MHz band: IARU has asked its member societies to explain to their regulators the concerns of the amateur service over the French proposal to propose a WRC-23 agenda item to study sharing the 144 MHz spectrum with aeronautical services. IARU has submitted a paper that includes background on amateur usage and regulatory concerns. It also includes a basic technical analysis showing the impracticality of such a proposal and believes there are much more appropriate parts of the spectrum for this study. 
  • 1296 MHz band: IARU has asked its member societies to discuss with their regulator the best way of resolving concerns about a few cases of interference to the Galileo navigation system that are specific to its ‘E6’ sub-band at 1260 – 1300 MHz from amateur signals. It is IARU’s firm view, and stated in the paper it has submitted, that this should be properly studied in CEPT, rather than proposed as an agenda item for WRC-23
  • 5 GHz and 47 GHz bands: IARU will be seeking support from Region 1 administrations for a ‘No change’ approach to the current regulatory situation in the 5650 – 5850 MHz and 47−47.2 GHz frequency bands. IARU experts will be present in CPG to explain the IARU position on these topics and monitor other agenda items of interest. 
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