CAS-7A — Chinese HF Satellite

CAMSAT has announced in spring 2020 the launch of CAS-7A for 15.09.2020. The project was announced several years ago, but has been postponed again and again.

The special thing about CAS-7A is that HF is used with two transponders. The transponder configuration of the Chinese satellites is similar to that of the Russian RS satellites of that time. A sun-synchronous orbit with an inclination of 98° is planned. The orbit height shall be 500 km. The transponders have a bandwidth of 30 kHz and the frequencies were coordinated by IARU [1]:

HF linear transponder:

uplink: 21.245 — 21.275 kHz
Downlink: 29,435 — 21,465 kHz
CW beacon: 29.425 kHz

HF/UHF transponder:

Uplink: 21.3125 — 21.3275 kHz
Downlink: 435,3575 — 435,3725 kHZ
CW beacon: 435.430 kHz

[1] http://​www​.amsatuk​.me​.uk/​i​a​r​u​/​f​i​n​i​s​h​e​d​_​d​e​t​a​i​l​.​p​h​p​?​s​e​r​i​a​l​n​u​m​=​658

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