News from DARC — 50 MHz

The Federal Network Agency made a preliminary provisional implementation of the WRC-19 results for the 6‑m band in MItteilung 111 from Amtsblatt 08/2020.

German radio amateurs have now access to the frequency range 50,000 MHz – 52,000 MHz, on a secondary basis with a max. the bandwidth of 12 kHz with all types of transmission using Antennas with horizontal polarization.

Now also Contest operations are permitted.

In addition to the — based on the result of the WRC-19 — extended frequency range from 50 to 52 MHz, above all a significantly improved power control for the 50,000−50,400 MHz subband has been ordered. Holders of Class A (“A license”) can now transmit with a maximum of 750 W PEP, holders of an “E license” with 100 W PEP.

This new regulation is the result of a series of meetings between the Bundeswehr primary user and the DARC’s Frequency Management Unit (DK4VW and DF2ZC) that started in late 2018. In the meantime, a very factual and trustworthy basis of cooperation with the military frequency management has been established. 

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