The IARU has agreed the first preliminary IARU positions for WRC-23

The preparatory work for WRC-23 has started across all regions in both the ITU‑R and the Regional Telecommunications Organisations (RTO’s). The IARU has representatives in these RTO’s and the ITU‑R contributing to the studies and helping to develop the regional positions on all the WRC agenda items. It is vital that the amateur community presents its views in a consolidated and consistent manner on each WRC agenda item across all the regions.

To this end the IARU Administrative Council (AC) has agreed the first preliminary positions covering the six most important agenda items for the amateur and amateur satellite services.

The IARU SRLC asks that the regional representatives and the member societies take careful note of these positions and follow them when discussing WRC related matters with their national regulators.

The IARU WRC-23 preliminary positions can be found here.

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