News from DARC — 50 MHz
The Federal Network Agency made a preliminary provisional implementation of the WRC-19 results for the 6‑m band in MItteilung 111 from Amtsblatt 08/2020. German radio amateurs have now access to the frequency range 50,000 MHz – 52,000 MHz, on a secondary basis …
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EXAMS “Al-fresco”
The local radio amateur club LA3F, south of Oslo, had just completed its annual course for would-be radio-amateurs. The latest 3 participants were just ready for their exam when the corona virus struck. We can all imagine their frustration when Norway …
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New COVID-19 initiatives
Some new initiatives are listed on the COVID-19 page further down in this News section. RSGB has made available the May copy of its monthly publication RadCom. If your society has something to add, please let us know. …
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