Emergency Communications Activities at HamRadio 2017

The 42nd HamRadio Exhibition at Friedrichshafen attracted 17110 visitors, among them many Emergency Communicators who attended the two meetings for Emergency Communicators at the event or looked at the exhibits in the main hall.

On Friday 14th July, the first IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications meeting was held in the English language with an average 15 attendees from 10 countries. The Open Forum as usual could have lasted longer with many good discussions and points raised, there was a very well received presentation from Alberto IK1YLO and Marco IU1GJE about the RNRE response to the Earthquakes and disasters in Italy in 2016. The results from the RAYNET-UK survey of their groups about the technology they used and how it matched the needs of their users were provided. The session closed with two discussion sessions about how we could organise international networks and when we should think of an event as an emergency. The discussion session presentations have been modified to provide a very short summary of what the session wanted to achieve. The presentations are available on the following links;

For the Region 1 report presentation contact the Regional co-ordinator directly here.

On Saturday the DARC Notfunk Universitaet took place with many presentations on skills and techniques in the German language from German, Swiss and Austrian presenters. An initial report on DARC Notfunk activities is available at;


The next Ham Radio on the Bodensee is on June 1 – 3 2018.

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