EXAMS “Al-fresco”

The local radio amateur club LA3F, south of Oslo, had just completed its annual course for would-be radio-amateurs. The latest 3 participants were just ready for their exam when the corona virus struck. We can all imagine their frustration when Norway started to shut down activities and meetings for an indefinite period. 

A normal exam was not possible due to the strict rules of physical distance and limitations on the number of people who could meet. At that time Norway had strict rules of not more than 5 people together, minimum 2m physical distance and frequent hand wash. 

So in order to get these 3 new amateurs on board, LA2RR, Ole, agreed with the Norwegian regulator to hold an outdoor exam where all these guidelines were obeyed. Armed with all the necessary paperwork and with Antibac for hand disinfection, he meet with the three candidates in the forest outside the local scout cottage. Here, in the open air, there are tables a minimum of 5 m apart, so with just the four of them, it was “corona safe” to hold the written exam. 

Although early spring in Norway, the temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius and everybody had dressed warmly so that the temperature out in the forest could not be used as an excuse should any of them fail. Ole is happy to report that all 3 candidates passed and we can all welcome LA5EUA, LB8QI and LB8RI to the world of amateur radio. 

The photo shows the three new amateurs at their tables and with their own thermos with coffee!

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