IARU WRC-19 team recognised

Members of the IARU team involved in WRC-19 have been recognised by the Radio Society of Great Briatin in a recent awards announcement. At the annual RSGB AGM, some of the more significant recognition awards are normally presented, recognising exceptional contribution to aspects of the Society’s work or to amateur radio.

The IARU team have been awarded the RSGB Founders Trophy (see picture), which is awarded for outstanding service to the Society. 

The team included not only Murray Niman, G6JYB, John Regnault G4SWX, Barry Lewis, G4SJH and Dave Court G3SDL/EI3IO but also the many international colleagues, who are all recognised by RSGB for their significant contributions to WRC-19 (World Radio Conference) 

Additionally, the Harold Rose Plate, which is awarded for outstanding contribution to 50 MHz, was awarded to David Court, G3SDL/EI3IO (IARU’s 50MHz project Manager at WRC-19) for securing the 50MHz band for the amateur service in Region 1

Congratulations to Dave, Barry, Murray and John and to all the IARU international team who share in the award of the Founder’s Trophy and further congratulations to Dave Court on the award of the Harold Rose Plate.

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